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Кой контролира света и войната в Украйна?

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Представяме Ви  статията на Ъруин Джером първоначално в оригинал на английски език, предвид на актуалността й и заслужаващите внимание позиции на автора. Същата ни е предоставена  от Борислав Георгиев от Българско дипломатическо дружество.

Джером Ъруин е канадско-американски писател известен и с многобройните си статии по проблемите на околната среда и неустойчивостта и противоречивите философии в света, индустриално-корпоративните и военно-пропагандни интереси. Автор е на книгата „The Wild Gentle Ones“.

Who Controls the World and War in Ukraine?

By  Irwin Jerome, 29.08.2023

Parts I-VIII


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Who and why those among the Deep State, a metaphor meaning what each and every human is doing by omission or commission about war in the Ukraine and about war everywhere else, not to mention the destruction of the planet’s entire natural world well- being and survival, is inexorably causing the intentional worldwide destruction and instability of whole cultures, societies of human and non-human life, as well as, while, at the same time, intentionally and indifferently continues to condone the brutal wholesale annihilation of both human and non-human planetary life, with the real possibility of a potential nuclear war, and the devastation to all of life itself that it poses, and the mass insanity and madness of what is being perpetrated in front of the world’s eyes, beyond what no words can adequately convey.

The cause of such brutal madness and the inexplicable ‘irrationality’ underlying it all, remains a conundrum, other than the gross motives of mindless greed, power and control, that is being exercised by those totalitarian “puppet master” entities who exist within the financial world’s Deep State. They’re the ones who control the world and all that continues to feed upon whatever warmongering conflict.

They’re the ones who are forever comfortable with allowing the hideous conflict in Ukraine, as well as with every other mindless, hideous, irrational world conflict, or deteriorating human and non-human life condition on Planet Earth, to remain unchecked until it so suits them; as with the now dangerous drift ever closer in the direction of some human-created planetary climate crisis or nuclear cataclysm, with the victimized body of Ukraine now but the latest identified epicenter.

The Deep State is simply a metaphor for what happens when the enormously destructive, evil powers of obscenely-massive amounts of money, wealth and power, are amassed in the hands of the few or many immoral, conscienceless individuals or groups of individuals, who

care little to nothing about what happens to any one person, nation or state other than themselves.


The monstrous mass destruction being indifferently perpetrated against Ukraine, is the same monstrous indifference that is causing the mass destruction of the world’s societies, because of unheralded numbers of refugees and immigrants who are being forced to flood to all points on the globe, in search of harbors of safety. This tragic phenomenon, in turn, is causing the wholesale mass disruption and destruction to traditional cultures and heritage of peoples lives and their natural habitats everywhere. What is happening is not only morally unconscionable, but gross criminality of the worst kind against all of humanity and Mother Earth herself, for which the whole world continues to suffer, grievously.


In simple truth of fact, the Deep State is a cannibalistic human-created monster of plutocrats, oligarchs and tyrants who are prepared to perpetually feed upon the human and planet’s collective bodies, whether through Peace or War, as if they were nothing more than rotting carcasses.The rapacious appetites of these carnivorous entities know no limits, but only crave more and more and more to feast upon, as in the current case of Ukraine, until the beast is duly satiated. Until the next time, when the lust for the riches of monies and the planet’s natural resources once again overcomes their sense of moral sanity. The Deep State simply is a malignant seed that has existed within every human being, to varying degrees, and in various shadowy disguises, since the beginning of the species creation on earth.


Part I:

The Ukraine War Will Only End When the Deep State Says It Will

“How will the war in Ukraine End?” The questions are endless, but what are the right questions to ask? Before reading any further, one must ask themselves both the question and the answer: “How will the war in Ukraine end?”

Any number of theses or predictions continue to be put forward by myriad pundits to suggest how it will happen, Some historian’s predict Five Ways To End the War”.

Other Innumerable Military Analysts Point to How the War Will End and Why?

Some Ask, “When Will the War End?”; “Others say “The War Will End in Calamity Once the United States Gives F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine”.

Still others say, “Depleted Funds Finally Will Put an End to Russia’s War in Ukraine”:

Some say “The War Will Only End With the Liberation of Crimea from Russia”; while others argue

“The Fatal End For the World Will Come When Ukraine’s Land War Escalates Into a Maritime War in the Black Sea”.

But who really knows? Trump once laimed he could, “End The Ukraine War in One Day”; while an Ex-CIA Director Predicts “I Already Know Who Will Win The War and How”:

Some others say “The War Will End Sooner Than Expected?”;

“Others contend, “The War may go one for years more yet”, while some say.

“Ending the War in Ukraine through negotiations will only present Dangers of a False Peace”:

These same ones argue, “The Only way to End The War is by a Russian Defeat on the Battlefield”,

while others worry, “Ukraine Can Only inevitability become an endlessly-wider, cancerous conflict that ultimately will be fatal to both Western and Eastern Europe.”

In point of truth, the end, “Only the Shadow really knows.”

The list of articles and titles and suppositions are endlessly-long but they all lead nowhere, save for a multitude of yet more suppositions and predictions. Yet never is any direct mention ever made, by name, of the Deep State and its Machiavellian involvement and culpability in the course and direction of the war, by simply always Following the Money To Whatever Conclusions It Leads

The Money Continues to Flow Along with the Body Count

By now, after over eighteen months of bloody slaughter warfare, as heinous as anything that ever occurred in WWI or WWII, the reticence to put an end to this Unending War remains patently evident among U.S., NATO, Ukrainian and Russian combatants involved, in spite of the horrendous cannon fodder the Ukrainians and their mercenaries have since become in the onslaught.

Little mention is ever made about why the ruthless, double-speaking corporate press once severely criticized the presence of Neo-Nazi’s in the war in Ukraine, but since have virtually whitewashed the obvious reasons why the ever-widening, far-right, Neo Nazi elements in Ukraine and in the world, for nine years since the Coup of 2014, and even many years before that, have been actively supported by the U.S., NATO, and the majority of their citizenry and still obstinately refuse to enter into any meaningful ceasefire or peace negotiations with Russia.

This reality becomes ever more disgustingly clearer with each passing day and month as military escalation and the threat of collapse continues to drift towards some unknown potential hideous nuclear end game, world-wide financial collapse or consequent immense societal chaos.

Whomever the Deep State plutocrats, oligarchs and tyrants are in the world who have backed this nine-year war since the Coup of 2014, while remaining mysteriously-enshrouded behind the curtains, continually pulling out all the stops and levers, they continue to reap unbelievable profits from the war for a slew of multi-national investment management companies, like the Vanguard Group and Black Rock, or financial institutions like the U.S. Federal Reserve, Barclays Bank, JP Morgan, Chase & Company, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Bank of New York, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Alfa Bank, Gazprom, Sberbank, and VTB, to name but a few. For decades, if not centuries in other previous wars, protected by the immensity of the same dark veil of their wealth and privilege, the principles of these financial institutions, or others of their kind, continue to be provided with the same

protective anonymity and total invisibility. But does anyone really care?

On the other hand, their many political underlings within the Western World’s apparatchik and nomenklatura within the United States Government and other Western governments among NATO Nation, can be readily identified by name and by face and position of power, whether they’re: Presidents, Prime Ministers, Secretary’s of State, Undersecretaries of State, National Security Advisors, myriad Ambassadors, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, or Defense Commanders. But not so within the principals of the Deep State.

The whole nameless, faceless mob of them and the rest of us poor dolts, as unwitting co- conspirators, collectively, could otherwise simply be known as “Deflectors of The Truth” or “The Gatekeepers”, who forever obfuscate and deflect from the real timeless, ever- unfolding, human story from being fully known or told, whose directives remain forever paramount.

There actually isn’t anything clandestine about this since most elected officials and prominent figures in positions of power everywhere in the world mostly openly adhere to the same world view and faithfully subscribe to its tenets, with little problem whatsoever, while dutifully carrying out the orders and directives of their shadowy Deep State puppet masters, safely ensconced behind their closed chambered doors. It’s they who always, ultimately, will have the last word as to when and how the war in Ukraine finally will end.

Meanwhile. the world’s populace, more and more dumbed down by the greatest, most savage, corporate propaganda war ever waged in history against the world’s masses, stand by hopelessly transfixed, like deer caught in the on-coming blinding flash of a nuclear holocaust, massive societal collapse or some other equally-dire life-ending calamity.

Unlike other wars, when massive upwellings of anti-war, pro-peace protests once readily responded to whatever widespread war or social chaos erupted, or when some demonstrative affirmative action was needed to respond to the serous lack of food, money or jobs; their once existed within the world’s citizenry a belief in their ability or capacity to demonstrate vigorously, even violently, to stop the insanity of whatever war or societal collapse existed. But why some never-ending deep-felt self-hatred exists among certain humans, who inexorably continue to lead the world towards oblivion, whether by military or planetary destruction, remains the greatest unanswered conundrum of them all. What is now happening throughout the world is not only morally unconscionable, but nothing short of gross criminality against all of humanity and Mother Earth herself.

Though the masses once did have the capacity to believe in the power of their collective mass actions against wars in places like Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya or Palestine, that belief or conviction since has been seriously eroded and shown, over time, to be proven to be untrue.

What Has Happened to World Leaders Who Did Hold to that Belief

This futility can be seen in the past actions taken by more than a few world leaders who sought on their own to try to make a real difference in the world; such as in the fate of their countries like the Congo, Iraq and Libya, whose leaders, Patrice Lamumba, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, once also had the temerity and chutzpah to dare to challenge the Deep States iron grip on the way human society works; especially the dominance of the U.S. Petro Dollar & U.S. Dollar as the world’s Reserve Currency.

But for all their efforts they, too, ended up ruthlessly assassinated by the Deep State in the West, while their vast national financial wealth and holdings, wrongly thinking they were safe once they were securely kept within American, British and French financial institutions, were horribly misled. In the end, once they were assassinated, all their holdings ended up cannibalized by those same Western Banks and financiers, without any trace whatsoever left of where all their monies and wealth ultimately went and who the mongrels were who actually devoured them. And that was that.

But today, after eighteen months of the collective world’s virtual passivity towards the war in Ukraine that threatens a hideous nuclear apocalypse, those one-time peace advocates extraordinaire who also once dared to care, like U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Russia’s Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and singer-songwriter John Lennon, are now helpless to do anything more about it other than continue to roll in their graves.


Part II:

Who Exactly Is the Deep State and What Are They All About

One can never know the full extent of the reach of the Deep State’s behemoth octopus and its outstretched tentacles that reach into every aspect of the world’s geo-politics; or whatever high-level talks continue to occur among secret cabals of plotters over time who’ve regularly met at secluded places like the Bohemian Grove in California’s remote Monte Rio of Sonoma County. It’s but one of the many nefarious playgrounds where Deep State players and plotters annually gather to play and plot. At least 5 U.S. presidents, at various critical moments in modern history, have attended Bohemian Grove’s obscene whatever goings-on; without any corporate press in attendance to record the hush-hush event, or majority of world politicians or general public allowed to be present or even made aware of, while these Machiavellian’s engage in whatever nefarious plots or plant whatever evil seeds for the world’s questionable future.

The Deep State Has a Long Timeline

But the antics of shadowy puppet master players within the Deep State of the Old World would similarly also have to include a long line of shadowy figures within entities like the infamous Rothschild Dynasty, an immensely-wealthy German Ashkenazi Jewish family who, for over 200 years, has exercised enormous power and influence on the geo-political- military-economic-banking history of the nations of Europe and those nations within the America’s of the New World, as well.

Without ever knowing all the gory, brutal, unseemly details, it’s all but a virtual certainty that the huge international dynastic banking reach of the Rothschild and Rockefeller Dynasty’s, and those others of their ilk, such as the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission, still, somehow, since their inceptions, continue to have a hand in whatever the nation-stripping of national wealth or whatever economic upheavals, wars and violent regime changes have occurred. They continue to play key roles in the engineering and manipulations of the current war in Ukraine; or whatever other carefully planned and

executed, future regime changes In Ukraine that may yet require the deposing or assassination of a Zelenskyy, Russia’s Putin, or whatever underlings replace them, if need be, to ultimately strip Ukraine or Russia of their huge stores of natural resources and financial web of connections

David Wilcock: Financial Tyranny on Russian TV, Part One: Jan 16, 2013 further elaborates upon the historical antecedents of what has been, and continues to be, the financial tyranny of war in general, and who its perpetrators have been and continue to be, specifically among the Western World’s financial warmongers who, to date, remain utterly indifferent and aloof to the amount and degree of death and destruction, pain and anguish to which they are party to and continue to directly play an active hand in their creation.

The viewer of this production is left to ponder whether or not there indeed truly exists a secret cabal in the world, that some refer to as the “Illuminati” or some other esoteric moniker, who may not be an identifiable organization of card-carrying members at all, but, like the infamous Koch brothers in the United States, nevertheless serve more like an umbrella of disparate, mutually self-serving individuals and groups of large numbers of powerful individuals and collectives who have been controlling or heavily influencing some of the most important aspects of human life for centuries, up to the present day.

These Globalist New World Order’, dark ‘One World’ cabalists and elites include the world’s: top figures in financial institutions; investment markets; multi-national corporations, religious institutions; international corporate publishing houses, educators, media; military forces judicial systems, entertainment industry; medical enterprises, government regulatory and advisory bodies, and even members among the various Royal families.

This nefarious umbrella, historically as well as today, continues to keep the world dumbed down, ill-informed and totally in the dark; uninformed about the real intentions of these planetary overlords whose intended objective is to perpetually keep the global network within their total control, in such a way that influences and bends all of life on Planet Earth as it/they so see fit.



Part III

Trajectory of the Ukraine War

and Its Relentless Murder and Mayhem

To sense where the trajectory of the war is leading there is no better one to listen to then the renowned peace activist and all-wise geo-political commentator, Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, engaged in a conversation with the also extremely intelligent TV commentator Tulsi Gabbard on her You Tube Tulsi Gabbard Show, who, herself, at one time unsuccessfully campaigned, in 2020, for the office of the U.S. Presidency. If Tulsi Gabbard had won the presidency, the world no doubt would absolutely be a far different place today than it is.

Pay close attention close to where the collective thoughts of Sachs and Gabbard are going

on the part the Deep State is playing in the war, and the lackey roles countries like America, Canada and others continue to play, by allowing the war to slowly, inexorably, turn ever more towards a nuclear direction.

Professor Sachs contends the U.S. Democratic and Republican Party’s now essentially are a single ‘War Party’, collectively pitted against the hegemons of China and Russia, and why America’s lackey allies in Canada and NATO also are opposed to the concept of Neutrality. For, as in the case of Ukraine, as a seminal chess piece within the NATO game of geo- political life, as Sachs declares, “NATO is U.S. Power in the world.” Any notion of Neutrality only dissuades and interferes with that reality. It’s simply bad for business, not to mention world investments and world conquest! Clearly, this is perhaps the most dangerous red flag of the war.

Sachs further suggests that the passive assent, so typical of countries of even normally non- aggressive countries like Canada, that once were favorably looked upon as paragons of peace and non-violence, now are so terrified, and passively willing to acquiesce, if not prostrate themselves, to the United States on-going sledgehammer proxy war against Russia.

In Another Time and Another Place, Canada Was a Leader of Nations

Twenty years ago, Canada, once prideful of itself as one of the world’s pre-eminent peace- keeping nations, once deployed nearly one-third of Canada’s army around the world, who proudly wore the UN’s Blue Helmuts (or blue berets), with thousands of its peacekeepers deployed in troubled places like the Balkans, Somalia, the Golan Heights and Cypress, as well as many other smaller places in the world.

But now, in Canada, with ever-increasing numbers of pro-war, anti-Russian Ukrainian immigrants and refugees continuing to flow into all parts of the country, Canada, for all intents and purposes, has thrown aside the Blue Helmuts and Blue Berets and essentially signed onto the willingness of the war hawks in the United States and its allies in the world to refuse to aggressively work for any ceasefire, peace negotiations or notion of neutrality. In so doing, Canada, in effect, has become a willing party to allow the war in Ukraine to predictably turn, by design or default, into a potential nuclear catastrophe. In short, other allies to America, also have essentially, as Jeffrey Sachs says, all “drank the Deep State’s WWIII Kool Aid”.

Sach’s further points out that by such fearful, cowardly countries unequivocally supporting, in tandem, the United States and President Biden’s far-right, Neo Con war policies and those of his U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, for years, have been willing to look the other way, with the full approval of the majority of Democrats and Republicans alike, while using Ukraine to constantly agitate for a nuclear confrontation with Russia and China. Sachs suggests they essentially are supporting what is “a collective death wish”.

Part IV

JFK’s Bold Peace Speech


When the Threat of War Was Darkening

Professor Jeffrey Sachs, as an activist for world peace and cynic of the real intentions of the United States and NATO master plan for the world, often makes reference in his presentations, speeches and interviews to President John F. Kennedy’s “Peace Speech”. Professor Sachs rightly suggests JFK’s Peace Speech is, indeed, perhaps the greatest speech ever made by an American President, or any other world leader for that matter, that puts to shame the wishy-washy, duplicitous words of those leaders today, like President Biden and PM Justine Trudeau, who continue to do just the opposite.

Once the reader has had a chance to compare and contrast their words and actions against those of President Kennedy’s, and starts to intellectually connect all the dots until they feel it in their guts, some blatantly obvious questions will arise. Such as, “Why was it only three short months after Kennedy made his ground-breaking peace speech that he was assassinated? Was the President REALLY murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald as a Russian dupe, or was the President assassinated by some far more dark, sinister Deep State global entity that, historically, finally was prepared to once-and-for-all come out of the closet and assert, in broad daylight for all to see, its fundamentally-hateful opposition to peace anywhere in the world. The bottom line being that peace is always bad for business as well as financial world investments!

Can the world’s major geo-political-military-economic events, that since have transpired in other countries throughout the world since Kennedy’s assassination, likewise be connected to the on-going historical activities of the Deep State that have been in play, in various guises, for at least the past two centuries, since the United States birth as a nation, and then traced forward in time to Kennedy’s assassination and then fast forwarded to the present-day war in Ukraine?” Carefully comparing and contrasting Kennedy’s words with those of Biden and his actions in Ukraine is an important first step to take.


Part V

The War Calls Into Question

if There Ever Was a Benevolent Creator

Did There Ever Exist, in Fact, a Kind, Benevolent Creator of Planet Earth

The question why humankind can’t seem to follow any other plan or direction for life on Planet Earth, other than an endless, unbroken chain of war, domination and hegemon over all human beings, and Planet Earth herself, begs the obvious question, “Has there ever existed a kind, benevolent creator responsible for America and Canada, or any other nation since their earliest origins in the New World; or who ever actually has been behind these nations so-called God-led, Creation-based, democracies? Or has this somehow otherwise served as mere religious devices, historically used by this same mysterious, rapacious, evil, earlier European-Dark State and its twisted, devil-obsessed vision for life on Planet Earth?”

The United States, without a doubt, has had a troubled political-ideological-military existence from its earliest beginnings; what with its European origins rooted in: treacherous financial skullduggery; religious witch hunts; the slavery of captive Africans, the eradication or removal of almost all Native Indian Nations in America’s Southern portion, to make way for the planting of cotton and harvesting by its New World captive African slave industry as its first “cash crop”, or Canada’s Northern Western prairies, when animal furs became their first “Big Money” crop; or a U.S. Civil War that, since its temporary cessation over a century ago, of military combat between hostile economic, political-religious-ethnic elements, has never actually ever ended or been fully resolved, politically, ideologically or morally, to the present day. To a different, lesser degree, the same could be said for the modern-day nation of Canada and, indeed, the rest of the New & Old World’s “Foreign Settler” governments.

Part VI

Thin Ray of Hope to the War’s Peaceful Ending Is a Hope Against Hope

There is at least one last remaining thin ray of hope as a possible exit strategy to the war in Ukraine, proposed by the grand war strategist-wizard himself, William Luttwak, as a plebiscite vote that will allow the native-born or naturalized citizenry of Ukraine’s independent oblast regions in the Donbas, Donetsk and Luhansk Republic’s, of Eastern Ukraine, to vote on their permanent annexation by Russia.

Luttwak suggests his bold proposal would be a sterling example for all other nations to follow in-kind as humanity’s best, if the only way forward, to finally take the giant step it needs to take to put an end to the madness of constant warfare on Planet Earth.

Perhaps, in the future, instead of Planet Earth continuing to perpetuate, throughout the universe among other inhabitants of other celestial bodies, its widespread black reputation as That Dangerous Warring Planet To Be Avoided At All Cost”, something else again might begin to happen. Those more advanced beings in the universe, who, for millenniums, have purposefully avoided any formal contact with Planet Earth’s primitive humans for that reason, will no longer be afraid to attempt to make official contact with we human inhabitants of this Earth, and finally will instead become known, throughout the Solar System and beyond, as “Those of the Peaceful, Peace-loving Planet”.

But therein lies the conundrum in trying to get so many diverse Neo-Nazi, nationalist elements in the world to agree, given how deeply ensconced they are within Ukraine, Eastern-Western Europe, the America’s, as well as everywhere else; who now have the capacity to continue to do so much great harm to life, and all living things, everywhere in the world with their amassed extensive arsenal of so much of the hideous weaponry, with which the United States and NATO have thus far lauded Ukraine; yet while intentionally failing to ever even keep an accurate account of those into whose hands all this extremely- dangerous weaponry now have fallen; thereby threating in the future still other nations welfare and wellbeing.

Luttwak, as the author of “Coup d’etat: a Practical Handbook”, fully understands the dangerous, knotty problem any such bold plebiscite vote represents. He is a senior

associate in the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Wash. D.C., a consultant to government and international enterprises, who also has served many times as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense, National Security Council, the White House chief of staff, the U.S. Department of State, the US Army, US Air Force and several allied governments. He also is well-known and respected for his work on grand geo-political-military strategies, geo- economics, military history and international relations, but, perhaps, especially more so for his book, “Coup d’etat; a Practical Handbook, that now is required reading in many military colleges and universities, worldwide.

If, as this on-going war continues, and Biden and Putin readiness to do a peace deal since has passed,latest and Luttwak’s proposal doesn’t work out, given the abject hostile, malevolent resistance by those like Zelenskyy and Nuland, he says the world might be looking at something more like a 7 Year War or maybe even a 25 year, or longer, war yet ahead, not to mention some more immediate, unexpected, premature, nuclear conclusion once all the West’s money, weapons, and/or patience, finally runs out.

Says Luttwak, “There is only one conceivable exit strategy from the increasingly destructive war in Ukraine: a Plebiscite in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (as per USSR map), preceded by a total cease fire secured by the lifting of all war-sanctions. “There is no other path”, he warns, “to a Russian victory or to a greater Russian defeat.” He further adds, almost as a cautionary aside, that perhaps the best or only possible answer to the problematic reality of so many of today’s existing tyrants in the middle of this war, is to finally realize that “It’s time to kill all the bastards.”

Part VII

Biden, Zelensky, NATO,

Putin Follow the Deep State’s Orders


It’s abundantly clear that Biden, Zelenskyy, NATO and Putin are the known main players in the War in Ukraine, but, in truth, it’s their silent Deep State partners, whoever, whatever or wherever they are, who have the complete and utter ear of U.S. President Biden, NATO, Zelenskyy and Putin, whose recent actions speak loudly of the aggressive course the war continues to take.

Ukraine’s attack: on the Crimea Bridge, Russia’s downing of a NATO drone over the Black Sea;

Russia’s boarding of an Egyptian/Ukrainian grain ship in the Black Sea; Biden’s decision to send F16 Fighter jets to Ukraine;

NATO’s sophisticated drone attack in the Black Sea’s Novorossiysk Bay against a commercial oil ship and Russian amphibious landing assault ship, the Olienegorsky Gornyak, at one of Russia’s most extensive naval bases, and largest commercial port on the Black Sea;

and now, with the still unsolved revelation of who committed the assassination of the Wagner Group’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, all suggest where the war in Ukraine is heading and must inevitably end in some kind of world-wide Civil War or Nuclear War.

This further raises the more serious question if the U.S.-NATO-Ukrainian-land war strategy, instead of moving in the direction towards peace, has instead since begun to shift towards an even more aggressive maritime war strategy of total war against military and commercial shipping in the Black Sea; while possessing drone missiles with a range of 500 kilometers, within easy-striking distance of Moscow and other ports along the Danube.

This is but yet another one of, perhaps, the most dangerous and intolerable of all ‘red lines’, totally unacceptable to Russia, that is deliberately being crossed by the West with impunity; the predictable consequences of which can only but lead where it is inexorably going.

Yet Another International Flashpoint Dangerously Threatening a WWIII

Ukraine’s maritime naval drone attack in the Black Sea can be likened to the still unsolved, Nord Stream Sabotage, that could, without Putin and Russia’s wise forbearance, have already become a fatal flashpoint for WWIII but didn’t because the ‘smoking gun’ proof that suggested a higher-level of technical complicity, expertise and know-how, involving more sophisticated operatives than just Ukraine, was flagrantly and criminally destroyed by the West.

At this point, this writer is reminded of yet another nefarious crime-of-the high-seas, that also, in the not-too-distant past, could have become the flashpoint onset of yet another potential world war that never happened, nor also never will be solved, because the still covered-up truth will never ever be revealed in the full light of day.

This international outrage was Israel’s, never to be forgotten, heinous attack, that still rankles many Americans to this day, against the USS Liberty in 1967, when Israeli air and naval forces attacked America’s most advanced spy ship in international waters, that killed 34 innocent American sailors and seriously wounded another 174.

The stinging lesson of this long unprovoked cold-blooded attack, that will forever live in infamy, was that which the Zionist state, like many other criminal states today, also might not heed doing to even its friends, not to mention its enemies, in order to get its own way. The similar lesson today being the sabotage of Russia’s Nord Stream Pipeline, while still unsolved, is also that there is nothing the American and NATO Neo Con’s and the Deep State, also might not refrain from doing to its friends or its enemies, in order to get its own way.

Fifty-eight years on, with the on-going complicity of the tightly corporate-controlled mainstream media still firmly in place, if not more so, in the war in Ukraine , this heinous closed book cover up, ordered by none other than President Johnson himself, still remains in place. End of story! Or maybe it’s Back To The Future in the case of Ukraine.

The Absolute Ludicrousness of the War Being a Proxy War

So, too, for the notion of the war in Ukraine, or any other war ever being any other kind of proxy war other than it being, just what it is, a war by the Deep State. This time around, wink-wink, the current war is nothing more than an extension of what all along has been, and continues to be, an already on-going virtual world war that simply awaits its final grizzly exclamation mark conclusion.

Meanwhile, the feigned U.S. and NATO ruminations about seriously considering possible peace negotiations, in view of Ukraine’s now utterly failed Spring and Summer Offensives

and Counteroffensives, with 43,000 of their reconstituted army of 60,000 now already dead or wounded, and a suggested total of already, perhaps, 500,000 total, dead or wounded, Ukrainian Army troops, combined with Zelenskyy’s absurd 10 Point “Back to Square One” Plan that arrogantly demands, before peace talks can ever begin in earnest, that there first must be: the return of Crimea to Ukraine and its de-occupation, with the total withdraw of Russian troops from Ukrainian soil; while the Russian leaders responsible for the war must be brought to trial before the Nuremburg Courts. “Hello? The Lights Are On, But Is Anyone Home?”

So much for Edward Luttwak’s ambitious Plebiscite Vote for Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea’s independence.

Has the War Shifted from a Land War in Ukraine to the Black Sea?

Judge Napolitano, on his You Tube Show, Judging Freedom, recently interviewed Alastair Crooke, a former British Diplomat (not to be confused with BBC’s Alistair Cooke), who is the founder and director of the Beirut-based Conflict Forum, that advocates engagement between political Islam and the West. Previously a ranking figure in both British Intelligence (MI6) and European Union (EU) diplomacy, Alistair Crooke had many pithy things to say to Judge Napolitano about the Ukraine war.

In his recent interview, Crooke pressed the question in greater detail about what the real dangers are if the war on the Black Sea, that already now, in fact, has becomes the real war in Ukraine, turns ugly. One of the ugly truths about this new war in the Black Sea, as Crooke point out, is, once again, true to form, the West’s betrayal and non-observance of the original agreement they made with Russia to allow it, in spite of the many sanctions imposed against Russia by the West, they agreed to allow Russia, to ship, for humanitarian reasons, its grains and fertilizer to world markets, if Russia would allow Ukraine to likewise do the same by shipping its own grains to ports, like Turkey and Spain for milling and export to world markets.

The inherent problem, however, is that the West (U.S. NATO, Europe), true to form, always somehow end up being pathological liars and betrayers, who never honored their agreements with the commies. In this case, Russian ships weren’t allowed to ship their grains and fertilizers, while many of Ukraine’s so-called ‘grain’ ships, once their grain cargoes were off-loaded, were returning with smuggled weapons in their holds. Yet now Russia is the one being called “evil” by the West for not rejoining the original grain agreement, that the West itself violated. So much for ‘Gentleman’s Agreements’ between West and East.



Miscalculations or Misinterpretations?

Calamities in the Black Sea


A Mistake Could Happen at Any Moment

Any one of the many careless miscalculations, miscommunications or misinterpretations, that regularly occur between the Americans, NATO, Ukraine and Russia in the Ukraine War, if carelessly committed in the Black Sea, could end the war and, fatally, the rest of us.

Historically, the Black Sea has long seen any number of flashpoints occur between Russia and the West; its theatre of competition between Russia and the West an especially super- charged dynamic now of the Ukraine War. The New York Times says, “If you had to rank the spots on the globe where the militaries of the United States and Russia could possibly run into each other, the Black Sea would probably be near the top of the list.”

A U.S. drone recently intercepted by two Russian warplanes, was downed just 75 miles southwest of Crimea, while six countries on the Black Sea’s coast are members of NATO (Turkey, Rumania, Bulgaria), with Ukraine friendly to the alliance; while with Turkey’s control of the Black Sea’s straits (the Dardanelles and the Bosporus), all shipping must pass through to transit between the Black Sea and other global waterways. Whereas the Montreux Convention of 1938 also gives Turkey the right to close the straits to most military traffic in times of war, which it exercised after Russia began its Special Military Operation (SMO). To say this is yet another ticking time bomb, is an understatement.


Hold Onto Your Hats Ladies and Gent’s. The rest of 2023 and 2024 is going to be a Rough Ride; what with so many unsettled wars, financial chaos, chaotic movements of refugees and immigrants, societal collapses, controversial, contentious seminal elections and crucial geo-political summits.


The writer Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who originally was a Criminology student working in one of America’s local police departments. For decades, Irwin has sought to call world attention to problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by a host of environmental-ecological-spiritual issues that exist between the conflicting world philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

Irwin is the author of the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (www.turtle-island-odyssey.com), a spiritual odyssey among the native peoples of North America that has led to numerous articles pertaining to: Ireland’s Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & the U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; the many violations constantly being waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World’s Collective Soul. The author and his wife are long-time residents on the North Shore of British Columbia.

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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